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What is Poker Online

When you think of card games, it is most likely that it is online poker that you think of. This is basically a simple game that is currently very popular. With the opportunity to play poker online, the game has aroused great interest among several million players worldwide. It is unclear where the game originated, but many believe it comes from New Orleans and that the original game is played with 20 cards. You can trace poker all the way back to the Renaissance.

However, the big breakthrough came in the casinos in the '70s and has until now exploded in popularity. At every online casino, poker is a given.

Main Rules for Online Poker

The rules of online poker vary between the different game variants, but there are some basic rules they all have in common:

A hand must have five cards. The number of cards players receive in their hands from the dealer varies depending on the game variant. Other cards are placed open on the table and are common.

The game round always goes clockwise. Different strategies can be used depending on when it is your turn to invest in a deal.

There is a specific number of sensors for each game. That is, the player has a chance to bet, raise or fold for each hand.

For each round, a new player becomes the dealer. This always goes clockwise. It is the player to the left of the person with the dealer button who starts the new round.

Players can choose to match a bet, raise or fold.

It is acceptable to bluff, for example by raising a bet even though you do not have a good hand.

Knowing the rules is of course important. One of the best ways to learn is to play poker for free is to study the rules carefully. Free poker games are now offered at most online casinos. If you want, you can also play on some sites with free poker money.

The Value of the Cards and Possible Combinations in Online Poker

When you play poker, all the cards in the game have certain values ​​in different combinations. The following is a list of all card combinations from best to worst:

Royal Straight Flush - Consists of an ace, king, queen, jack, and a ten of the same suit. No other hand beats this combination

Straight Flush - This means that you have a hand with cards of the same suit and falling value

Quadruplets - Four cards of the same denomination regardless of suit

Kåk - Three matching denominations and two other matching denominations. For example, three ladies and two tens

Flush - All cards of the same suit

Straight / Ladder - Five cards in descending value but in different suits

Three - The same as four but with three cards of the same denomination

Two pairs - Two pairs in different denominations

Pair - Two cards of the same denomination

Maximum card - If none of the players has a winning combination or if their best combination is of the same value, the one with the highest value card wins.