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Understanding Bingo Patterns

Four Corners

Just as it sounds, you have to dot the correct number in each corner of the bingo card. First, all corners win. This can take a long time if you play with 75-90 balls.

Online Bingo - The Clock

The Clock

It may be a little harder to understand this pattern, but it is often a circle, or as close as you can get to a "pointer" starting from the centre of the tile to the lower right corner of the tile. First, the filled pattern wins.

Online Bingo - Wine Glass

Wine Glass

This pattern tries to mimic a wine glass, often with a wide "V" at the top and with a short single row underneath that opens into a foot at the bottom. Sometimes the top can be filled in, but that is unusual. Everyone right first wins!

Online Bingo - The Windmill

The Windmill

This pattern is not directly a windmill but mostly tries to resemble the wings of a windmill. In general, this is about dotting the centre and four numbers in each corner that represent the wings.

Online Bingo - Bell

The Bell

This pattern can almost be called Christmas bingo. It is therefore very popular around Christmas and takes the form of a bell. You know, that kind of thing.

Online Bingo - The Witch Hat

The Witch's Hat

Eager to play bingo around Halloween? Then you will surely come across the witch's hat. This pattern thus tries to mimic a witch's hat and you win if you fill it in first!

All about odds, RTP and the benefits of the house

Online bingo as well as bingo halls are in reality games that are completely turn-based, which also makes it difficult to predict in advance about odds and how much you can win back (RTP).

But what can be said about bingo halls is that they can give up to 60% and sometimes more back to the players after part of the income for purchased tiles has been used to cover costs and the like. Online casinos may therefore have higher RTPs, but it is difficult to give an exact figure.

Some bingo casinos can have as large refunds as 90% of the players' bets, but this is not something to be taken for granted when playing bingo online.

Bingo Bonus in Real Money

There is no specific bingo bonus at most online bingo casinos, but there are plenty of regular bonuses. What you need to keep in mind is to look for extra time if the bonus you have chosen also applies to bingo, which is often the case. Bingo games generally belong to a separate category at most casinos. So there is no bingo online free bonus specifically to pick up, but regular welcome bonuses fulfil the same function.

Playing bingo online without a deposit can also be difficult, as you often have to go through the registration process to see available bingo games.