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Understand the Main Features of Video Poker

To succeed, it is good to know the main features of the game. It is recommended to create at least a basic overview.


It is good to know what the different buttons mean when the game round has started.

Bet one, each time you click this button you increase your bet by one coin.

Deal / Draw or spin is the button you use to play.

Hold means that you can hold/keep the card or cards that you do not want to replace.

Max Bet is the button you use when you want to bet one or more coins (max five coins).


It is also important to understand everything that is represented on your display.

Coins - Different variants of video poker have different options regarding the size of coins. It is usually between 0.05 and 5.

Points - this shows how many points you have.

Bet - your bet.

Winnings table - shows the payout for different winning combinations in the game you are playing.

Win - shows a profit.

Best Bonus for Online Video Poker Players

To find the best video poker bonus, you have to visit different casinos to see what is on offer. Sometimes it's a percentage of the deposit and sometimes it's free spins.

Find a bonus that suits you and that benefits the game you are interested in playing. Compare and find what is best for you.

All About Odds, RTP, and the House Advantage

RTP stands for "Return To Player" and is the theoretical payback percentage a game has. It is thus the percentage of the money that the players spend on the game that they then win back. However, it is not guaranteed that every player will get back the specified RTP.

Keep in mind, however, that the calculation is made over a longer period of time and does not apply to every game round. RTP just for video poker online looks different for different variants of the game. In Deuces Wild, the RTP is 99.96%, in Jacks or Better 99.54%, and in Joker Poker 99.015%

The advantage of the house is defined as the ratio between average loss and initial effort. You play video poker directly against the casino. The benefits of the house can be very low here because you are the only one who has the opportunity to influence your chances of winning.