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To Understand Keno Bet

Simple Bet or Section Bet

In this system, you make your bets within a limited section of the tile. For example, the bottom half or right side of the tray and the numbers that are represented there. 13 correct numbers pay off.

Variant Investment

This is a way to bet on different sets of numbers during the same game. This means that you can have different numbers of numbers in each set and play them differently. Each set requires a separate bet.

Bet on King

Here you bet on an extra number, namely the king or king keno. This number is combined with the others on your badge. The bet also works on most variants of keno that currently exist.

Split Bet

Often two or more bets are made on the same tile. Mark two different groups and clearly show which group belongs to which game. It is not possible to use the same number in several groups.

Combination Bet

This type of bet can help when you want to bet on many variants of the same tile. Flexible and good but can of course be a bit confusing, especially for the beginner.

Progressive Jackpot

It is not common to have a jackpot in keno, but it certainly does occur. In general, you have to bet quite a lot and play many lines to be able to take part in a jackpot.

All About Odds, Rtp and the Benefits of the House

When you play, of course, you also want to win (preferably big), but there are many obstacles in the way for those who want to win the big win. Among other things, it must be remembered that in both online keno and in keno in its physical game store form, the house has a significant advantage of about 25%. Whether you play in a game store, or if you want to play keno online, it can be good to remember that keno is a game based entirely on luck. You should not only be lucky that you have chosen the right numbers, you should also have bet the perfect sum.

To succeed well in keno, it is wise to check which numbers are drawn most often and which are drawn most rarely. The numbers 4, 34 and 52, for example, seem to be drawn often. The same applies to pairs 17 + 19, 2 + 25 and 7 + 58, but constantly investing in these is not a sound strategy. The odds may seem to be with you, but this is just an illusion. The odds are always the same for a given situation. Different types of keno can also have different types of odds, so it can be useful to read a little about specific odds for the specific type of keno you intend to play.