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Money-Back - Casino Cashback

The somewhat mysterious phrase "cashback" is increasingly used in the casino world. It is not surprising if this expression leads to confusion. It's not entirely easy to explain something that seems so simple, cashback, money back, it probably sounds too good to be true. Quite right, you can get a small amount back with cashback but far from every penny. Let's take a closer look at what we can expect from a casino that may offer cashback because these casinos are unusual.

What Does Cashback Mean?

There is no really good translation but a direct meaning is a money-back or cashback and of course, it sounds nice. Unfortunately, it is not really that simple, a better translation can be a loss guarantee or loss insurance and simply means that you have the opportunity to get a small amount of what you lost back. It also happens that in rare cases you have a chance to win more because you won a reverse cashback.

Here we have a common example of what a cashback can look like:

Let's say that during a week's game you make a profit of SEK 1,000, during this week your total added game balance is on the plus side during your first week with cashback. The following week you play again but bad luck has you in its grip and you lose SEK 2,000. You are now at minus DKK 2,000. Cashback takes effect and gives you a casino bonus of SEK 200, what you lost during the week is multiplied by your cashback which in this case is 10%.

In this case, there are no wagering requirements so you have got your money back, a good cashback, no oddities.

Different Types of Cashback

There are usually four different variants of cashback that casinos choose to offer and it is good to have some control when you are looking for an offer of this type. Casinos with cashback usually have different offers for different categories of players, remember to check the terms and conditions to suit you.

A Campaign

A time-limited offer, if you lose you can get a certain percentage back of your total amount played, promotions do not last long, any day or two.

Linked to the payment method

This type is mainly aimed at those players who do not want to bother creating a new account manually but register and pay with an electronic ID in the form of, for example, Swish. Very common in online casinos where there is no registration requirement, something misleading because registration is always necessary.

Registration bonus

A type of promotion that is sometimes offered to new players. If you register as a new player, you have the right to use this and therefore it is also time-limited and only a one-time offer. Often referred to as the Welcome Bonus. It is up to the player to check if this bonus is offered and what conditions apply.

The winner takes everything

Sometimes it's not about getting back after a loss, but there is also a reverse cashback, often called a 'top up', so you get a few percent extra if you win. A small congratulatory bonus. Many times this cashback is about giving a special game a little extra attention.