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Gambling History:From Ancient Times to Modern Casinos

The Evolution Of Gambling: From Ancient Times To Modern Casinos

All through the chronicles of human history, gambling has endured as a fundamental part of our cultural heritage. This being said, it was not until the 17th century that we saw the birth of the first casino as we know these today.

Ancient Gambling

Gambling has been in existence for a good number of years — predating the first Venetian casino. In fact, the popular pastime is so old that its origins goes back to the ancient world.A number of the most popular kinds of gambling in this time included dice games, which were usually played with a pair of dice and were also governed by luck.

Not surprisingly, gambling wasn’t just a way to pass the time. It was used as a way for people to make money or build their wealth. Even though not necessarily considered to be legal in all societies, it neverthelessoffered an alternative economic solution and form of entertainment.

Ancient Cards

China is well known as having taken a very major role in the history of gambling. However, prior to online casinos and betting bonus cards becoming a big thing, there was a game which was known as “white pigeon ticket”. White pigeon ticket dates back over 2000 years ago, which is a lot longer than the lifetime of any modern casino or even indeed the idea of a casino as it is today.

In addition, there are a number of historians who are of the belief that games which involve card-playing, often termed as relics of China, were indeedanidea that the Chinese were responsible for. It would seem that initially, the cards would usuallydisplay human figures, however when these ideas made it to Europe, the Europeans bolted on Queens, Kings, together with other illustrations to the cards as these games spread and changed.

The Influence Of The Greeks And The Romans

The ancient Greeks and Romans were very well known for their fondnessfor gambling. In Greece, widespread games included dice games such as “Astragaloi” and “Kubeia,” together with board games such as “Petteia” and “Tesserae.” The Romans, conversely, were keen gamblers and introduced gambling to a number of regions that they seized. They even had devoted gambling houses that were called “Circus”.

Modern Gambling

The 20th century saw a significantbang for the gambling industry, thanks to the launch of a number of new technologies. Slot machines, which had once been objects of interest in unknown places, were all of a sudden widely adopted all over from casinos all the way down to convenience stores.

With changes in internet technology, no longer did gamblers have to actually visit their favourite casino – everything became online, giving all who wanted it access to online pokies, blackjack games rouletteand everything else you can imagine at their fingertips.

Today’s innovations in mobile gaming mean that you are even able to bring your casino anywhere you go – all while silently hoping that your lucky stars keep on you winning big!